CPR Society courses will now incorporate CPR feedback technology! The new system uses interactive music, video and other game-related concepts to create a compelling training experience ideal for today’s adult learners. Fast-paced and fun, the system helps you bring a new dimension to the classroom, especially for those CPR-experienced students who are occupationally required to keep their training up to date. 

The confidence to respond in an emergency begins when students know with certainty that they have done CPR accurately and correctly. The system’s real-time performance feedback enhances instruction by clearly showing the student what’s going right and what needs to improve. Compression depth and rate (100, 110, or 120 compressions per minute), length of ventilations, minimal pauses between compressions—the system measures and interprets data on all the vital components of high-quality CPR so students can see for themselves that they have successfully performed these potentially lifesaving skills.